Our history

Pizarras La Baña S.A. was born on May 9th, 1984 in La Baña (León), founded by Antonio Amable Martinez. A family business dedicated to the production and commercialization of natural slate.

It has been growing progressively until becoming a referent in the world market.

Exporting to countries such as Great Britain, France or Germany, and even expanding into new markets as demanding as the USA or Canada, under the direction of the Rathscheck group.

As a quality product, the main function of the slate has been building roofs, ceilings and walls, and over the years it has become a fundamental architectural element.

More than 35 years of history show a wide experience and reputation in the manufacture of slate of all types and sizes, highlightning the range as aesthetically pleasing, minimalist and elegant, with pure lines and perfect harmony, fusing the nobility and sensuality of the materials in a unique design.

Also noteworthy is the absolute dedication to research and development of the product whose purpose has always been to obtain the best quality in the market for greater customer satisfaction.

Geological origin

At all times, and in all countries where deposits have existed, slate has been used in building, this was the case in Spain, England, Ireland, Germany and France. However, it is in Spain where we find the most beautiful and important deposits in the world.

The industrial exploitation began in the early twentieth century in a Spanish region especially damaged by nature, León, located in northwestern Spain, which accounts for 70% of national production. This beautiful slate requested throughout Europe, will be exported at the beginning of the 80's to all countries that have this ancestral building tradition. Event today, Spain is the largest producer of slates in the world.

Slate is a material that has multiple benefits.

It is a material that allows you to personalise your roof and give it more soul, a La Baña slate roof is easily done by and experienced roofer, who can make beautiful roofs. It is a durable building, it is not uncommon to see roofs 100 years old when they are fixed with quality slate, wich is not the case with other roofing materials. The La Baña slate is waterproof, incombustible, unchanging and offers a great mechanical resistance.

It is resistant to frost, snow and sea air. It is a natural material, wich presents and excellent ecological balance, unlike fibre cement. It is found in nature, in León. It does not require cooking to be manufactured. It is an economical material, when you compare the long lasting life it has. In addition, it adds value to your property. Investing in slate means investing in a safe bet! It is a material that does not require maintenance.